EnergyWise is a program developed by EduCon Energy Inc. to educate building occupants and the students about energy efficiency while reducing energy consumption in schools. EnergyWise provides an exciting approach using the school building as an instructional resource to help children understand the interworking relationships of each of the building systems.

The education program will involve guidance for school personnel in utilizing the building design to teach children about sustainability. As they become subject matter experts on the unique characteristics of their school, EnergyWise students often assist with conducting building tours.


2018-2019_HCS_EnergyWise_screenshotThe EnergyWise curriculum has been developed for elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. EnergyWise clubs consist of 5 to 10 student team members at each school who are interested in conservation and environmental issues. Meetings are held to organize and conduct patrols, complete paperwork, perform plug load studies, and plan activities to educate the school and community about energy usage and conservation.

Student team members keep a notebook and add documentation of all their activities throughout the program.  This notebook is turned in at year-end and is used to determine potential awards and recognition for staff and students involved in the program. Notebooks are also used to compete for national recognition.